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Somewhere along the way, New Years Resolutions became a cliché

Probably because we would all make the same ones and stick to them for a couple of months. Now it’s a joke. What resolutions are you making this year that you won’t keep? Haha!

Instead of broad resolutions, you have to dig down to the emotional level and the feelings that you draw out then use those emotions to choose your core words of the year.

You should still create goals for the upcoming year and set intentions for what you want the year to be. But words can be focused on, chanted, and manifested on a level that resolutions and even goals can’t reach.

When you choose words of the year, creating goals and setting intentions becomes like creating resolutions without the weight of your happiness for the year.

Your goals might change throughout the year because your business has to pivot or you move across the country. You should have the flexibility to do so without feeling like you’re giving up or letting yourself down. 

Create goals that you mean to keep but don’t put the weight of the year on them. Create your goals and then choose words around them to put the weight on instead. 

That way you can shift your goals if you have to while still staying true to your words and your focus for the year. 


A single word can have power if it has meaning. and a single word can mean something different to each person.

So think about what your goals are for the year and then draw out words that encompass or summarize them.

For example – You’re goal is to successfully launch a suite of new products so your words could be GROWTH and WEALTH. 

Take it a level deeper to what will help create growth and wealth based on your goal – building an audience that sees the value and needs your products. A new word that hits is CONNECTION.

Keep digging until the words create an emotional response and you’re gut screams ‘YES’.

The first step that you can’t skip when creating your new goals and words is to REFLECT. 

No matter what challenges you faced there were things that worked and brought you joy and things that only worked to bring you down. 

Consider your goals and previous words of the year and reflect on ways they manifested that were purposeful AND that were unexpected.

Reflection will help you become more intentional every year as you make your new goals and choose your new words. You learn to trust your gut.


If your word is GROWTH and your goal is to bring in 10 new clients to your program then when new opportunities pop up throughout the year you can ask yourself more specific questions:

  • Does this support my goal of bringing in 10 new clients to my program? 
  • If it won’t directly bring in new clients, will it still help me grow in a way that I can pursue my goal? 
  • Does it free up time somewhere else so that I can focus more on bringing in clients?
  • Does it bring in extra money that I can put into my sales funnels and drive traffic to my website and my offer?

If it doesn’t support your goals or words of the year then you can say no or not this year with confidence because you have a focus that you’re connected with.

It takes the weight out of making decisions and knowing if they’re right. 

Free your mind, the rest will follow!

There’s something about a new year which is why no matter how recent I set my current goals and words of the year I always reset at the end of the year. 

But don’t think you have to wait. You can start a few months into the year or halfway through the year or in the last quarter of the year.

Set your goals and focus to close out what you have left of the year to end the year strong.

I did A LOT of reflection and focused planning this year in creating my goals and intentions for 2021 so when it came to manifesting my words they actually came easy.

So without further adieu, the best example I can share, are my own words of the year for 2021, and what they mean to me.


My goals for the year are all around creating value and purpose in my life by guiding others in creating true purpose in theirs.

I’m leaning into my passions and what drives me to create and I am BEYOND excited to create purpose that’s aligned with our future goals and intentions.


Connection not just in the physical sense but connecting WITH that purpose. Connecting with my intentions for the next year and into the future.

I want to not only decide where I’m going but feel it and live it. 

Part of that is creating connections with you. Honing my messaging to find the untapped mavens that connect with my brand so we can make amazing things happen together.

And amazing things are inevitable once you connect with a true purpose.

If you haven’t created your words of the year yet what are you waiting for? Consider this your invitation.

Once you have them I want to hear them so send me an email or a DM and tell me what your words of the year are and what the goals are behind them. 

If you’re stuck then let me know where you’re at! I can help you bring it home.

I hope you found something here to get you feeling good about the new year and as always I’m over here ready to hype you up!

Cheers Maven!

<3 Jaymie 

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