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Heal from within, connect to your heart, and come home to yourself.

If you're ready to fall in love with the journey and transform your reality from the inside out.

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I'm Jaymie sutherland |
Healer, mentor, founder

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To create new healing cycles future generations will thank you for.

+ moves you from being disconnected from your life, disengaged from your day-to-day, and tired of living through the filter of everyone else's stories and expectations.

+ illuminates, ignites, and connects you with the resonance already within you to create, become, and receive each of your desires. 

it's time

+ engages your parasympathetic system to release ancestral trauma, inner child wounds,  and rewrite your stories around money, health, love, and work at a subconscious level.

this work that we do:

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what we embody...

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Spiritual awakening, intuitive connection, ancestral healing, emotional freedom through spirituality, energetics, subconscious clearing, somatic teachings to awaken the beautiful creator within, making you a vibrational match for the life that you desire.

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“What Jaymie provides you with at About The Dash will truly propel you to the next level.”

"What stood out was her ability to download what I hoped to achieve, breathe new life into it, and help me come out the other side with confidence, encouragement, and the tools to live my dreams."


"Jaymie inspired me to go for what I want, and then she helped me get there."

"She helped me break through my old fears around money and what it means to be successful. I'm now deciding for myself what I'm worthy of and it feels good to know that I get to do life the way I want too."



"I'm so stoked! I feel like I have swung my other leg over the fence and I'm jumping down into my new, confident life. See ya later b****es! I've just been told I got this and here's how it's gonna be done."

"I couldn't have chosen a better person to help me uplevel my business and my life."

Popcorn obsessed, Lover of bread, Emotional projector, design enthusiast, & avid reader

I'm Jaymie.

My favourite days are spent in a café with a pot of tea (because a single cup just won't do), chatting about the dreams & desires that make up the vision of your most fulfilled life, & breaking through what might hold you back.

It wasn't always that way though - I used to spend my days as a bean counter staring at the beige walls of a windowless office!

dog momma | wife | leo


Empathic Healer

Whether you're new and awakening, or familiar yet lost - I can help you rediscover the spark that ignites a new way of living.

I see beyond the surface of the face you show the world to the beauty and potential you have within.

Deep Knowing & Insight

what i do best

Learn to fall in love with being the creator of your dash through this new, abundant, soulful lens.

With this insight I help you awaken the version of you holding limitless confidence & trust in your inner strength, knowing, ability, creativity, worth, & love!

Book a  15-minute chat to discuss how I can meet your where you're at & determine if one of our programs could be a perfect fit!

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